Wrapping up another year

The school year is quickly coming to an end.  Christopher is finishing up finals this week and Nicholas has finals next week.  We met with Christopher's counselor yesterday to start prepping for the fall.  Our final scout meeting of the year was also last night where we had a campfire and retired flags.  It's been an up and down school year.  Glad it's pretty much over but the summer is just starting to ramp up.  We now have to get Christopher ready for boy scout camp.  He's a counselor in training this year and will be up in the Adirondak park for three weeks.  Nicholas will be up there for one week with his troop so Ellen and I will get a week with no kids (yeah!).  But there's much to do between now and then.

Beyond kid's activities, not much going on.  The weather and our schedule has not been condusive to riding but I've been gettng out all I can.  There are some mountain bike races the next couple of Tuesdays so hopefully I can get to at least one.  Ellen wants to do some hiking and mellow riding so we MAY have some time for that.  I'd also like to plan a day trip or two so we'll see how that works out.  Right now a lot of things are making me feel like life is on hold.  I'm doing a lot of waiting.  And I'm not so good at waiting.  But there's nothing else to do so you keep moving forward.


Jude said…
Wow it must be a Taurus thing! I suck at waiting too! LOL

Well it sounds like you've got some time coming up this summer that will be well used with some fun things, and we all need some of that now and then.

Happy biking!
Bob said…
Having to cool one's heels is not fun. Hang in there, bro, life is nothing but full of surprises.
Jammie J. said…
Good Lord, a week with no kids? That means you get to BE kids again. hehe

Waiting is hard, but when the changes start to happen you will know that you've needed this time to prepare for it... and also, to remember this downtime when the changes overwhelm you. AND... you will know that God was working his perfect timing (although I know I never think it's perfect. heh)
Kate said…
I think wrapping up the school year is bittersweet and always a lot of work. How did you decide to enroll your boys into Boy Scouts? Were you a Boy Scout? How old were they when they started? Finn is getting closer to the age where I need to evaluate and decide on some activities to get started on. I don't know much about Boy Scouts. I think it's great Christopher will be in training to be a counselor, probably building much needed confidence after dealing with incompetent advisers!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Didn't realize that! I plan on getting some good rides in this summer, don't you worry!

Jammie: Thanks for the reminder. I know those things but patience is not one of my strong suits. Still, I'm hoping the patience pays off.

Kate: The boys started Scouting because Christopher wanted to try it and I'm all about letting him try stuff. I was never a scout as a kid. But he's really enjoyed Scouting and it's had great benefits. Email me and I can give you WAY more details and answer specific questions.
Unknown said…
I'm not very good at waiting either...try and enjoy the summer ; 0 ) Glad you found a counselor to listen!
sydwynd said…
Brighton: Thanks! Hope you enjoy your summer as well! Looks like you found some things to keep yourself busy!

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