The women in my life

First of all, don't get used to multiple posts in a single week. I'll post whenever I damn well feel like it. Which might be more often than once in a blue moon.

A thought that occurs to me often is how blessed I am to have the women in my life that I do. Mind you, I really can't complain about knowing and hanging around with a large number of lovely ladies. But I digress.

Mostly what occurs to me is the women surrounding my that act as "faith role models". Ellen and I teach a baptism prep course and there's a section where we break into groups with just the men and just the women. We discuss faith role models and for the guys, 98% of the time it's some woman in our life; mother, grandmother, wife (such as my case). I've been lucky enough to have more than one woman in my life that shows me the way.

My wife has always been a rock for me because of her quiet faith. She was never one to make a big deal out of it, but I recall from the very beginning where she'd just gently invite me to go to Mass with her. Those invitations are what planted the seed that brought me back to the faith. She's got one of those very trusting kinds of faith. She's always just believed and never questioned the truth of her faith. I've been through periods of doubt and trial and through those times she can be my rock.

Two other women that inspire me are two of my band members. One of them is very spiritual and filled with an outgoing faith that blows my mind. She intros all of our songs and gives reflections between and it's amazing the things that she says just as the Spirit moves her. She's just so outgoing and full of life and wears her faith on her sleeve for all to see. My other band member is the strong advocate type. She's very analytical and before she could fully commit herself to her faith she had to learn everything about it and all of the "competition" besides. So she can tell you all of the "why's" but instead of beating you up with the facts, she puts it out there for you to decide. She's also very tolerant of others but since she's gone through that internal process of discerning, her faith is unshakable.

All three of these women help to pick me up when I'm down in different ways. Ellen has my back in so many ways I can't even to begin to express. My bandmates listen and support me, both in my music ministry and in my journey of faith, just by being there with their example and friendship. Hopefully, I can be there for them as well. Ellen once said something that really hit me and made me realize I'd actually had an impact on someone else. Again, during baptism prep class, we were discussing ways we respect our spouses (or "partners") faith. I mentioned what I said above, I envied Ellen's quiet, rock like faith. She said she really respected the way I seemed to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I found that very profound since I never thought of it that way. I just always believed that I didn't need any middle man, just Jesus for whatever I needed. Ellen is bigger on intercessory prayer. It made me feel good that I could inspire her in some way as she's inspired me.


Jude said…
Love this post Vince! Our faith is probably THE biggest thing my hubby and I have in common.

And I have to say that all of the women in my life, every girlfriend and my 3 sisters ~ all of them share a strong faith and are kind, gentle women.

I'm blessed!!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks. God puts women in our lives to give us a different kind of grace that the men in our lives. Lord knows Ellen has been one of the best things to happen to me and I thank God for that blessing all the time.
Jude said…
You are both blessed Vince, that's obvious to see! :-)
Kate said…
Faith is there for us when we need it. It's great that you have been inspired and an inspiration.
sydwynd said…
Kate: Thanks! I do my best.

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