Doing the right thing

As often happens, I had a plan for today. It included going on a bike ride with the Wife. It would have worked out something like this: get out of work and have dinner, take Nicholas to karate, load up the bikes afterwards and go on a ride just me and the lady. Christopher is at wrestling camp so no problem, right?

However, we could go watch Christopher wrestle from 7 until about 9. He asked us to come yesterday (well, he asked MOM to come yesterday). But going to see him wrestle would mean no ride for me. And I really like to ride. So what to do.

Yup, I picked Nicholas up from karate and we all went out to watch the older boy wrestle. I read a really good book (two actually, QBQ: the question behind the question and Flipping the Switch) that talk about personal accountability and service. And much as I would like to do MY thing, the kid needs our support. And when it boils down to it, he needed me more than I needed a ride.

As it turns out, it was a good thing we were there. His last match did not go well. His opponent was faster and more technical than him and he couldn't seem to make anything happen. After his match, he seemed in good spirits, so I told him we had to get going but to go say goodbye to his mother before we left. He sat down and started chatting with her. He then wiped his face and seemed to be surprised there was water on it. And he suddenly burst into tears. No explanation, no reason why. Probably a combination of disappointment, frustration, tiredness, whatever. But he had both of us there to tell him not to worry about it. He calmed down pretty quick and was a little embarrassed about the episode, but again, no biggie. So I'm glad I did the right thing today. As it turns out, Christopher needed us there more than I would have realized.


Jude said…
I'm glad you were there for him. Life's knocks are rough enough when you're that young, but even more so when hormones are raging and he's about that age.

And just think of all the bike rides you'll have when the boys are grown up young men with families of their own. Oh wait, you might be busy babysitting! hahaha
sydwynd said…
Jude: As a grandparent I will babysit when it's convenient for me and not for them. That's the whole point!

It is a crazy age for him. He keeps going through cycles where he needs his mom and he doesn't need his mom. Ellen's hanging on to her boy as long as she can.
Jude said…
Girls that age are the same Vince, we need our parents and the next time they don't know shite. Or we're embarrassed to be seen with them.

Hang in there, it'll all be sane again soon.

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