What a week

This week has been less than cheerful. Grasshopper hasn't been feeling well and has spent the last 4 days at home. And when a kid is sick, no one in the house is happy. Not exactly sure what he has, but he didn't have much appetite for 3 days. Just today he started eating again. I took him to the doctor and they ran some tests but didn't find anything specific. Still, he's on the upswing and I think he'll be totally fine by Monday. Ellen picked up his homework today from school and he's got a big pile. His teacher emailed that it doesn't need to be complete by Monday, good thing.

Speaking of the Wife, tomorrow is her birthday. We've got a relatively quiet evening planned. My mom is watching the boys and we're doing dinner and a movie. We're going to see Sherlock Holmes. Christopher saw it with some pals over the Christmas holiday and gave it a big thumbs up. Plus, it has Robert Downey, Jr in it whom Ellen is disposed towards at the moment. She became a big fan after Iron Man. I got her a great gift which showed up at the door today. Phew!

Beyond that, we're just trying to keep from freezing to death and being buried in snow. This is what I hate about winter. But nothing to do but keep going and take it easy. Hope all of you caught in the deep freeze are staying warm.

On a final note, in the very near future I'm getting my political hat on. For those of you living in New York State, I'm starting a grass roots campaign to fire everyone in Albany. The local paper has a Fed Up With Albany section now, but I seriously believe if voters really are as fed up as we say, we need to send a resounding message to all incumbents. Stay tuned as I have to work up my righteous indignation before I begin.


Jammie J. said…
Hope the kiddo continues on the upswing of health.

Happy Birthday to Ellen.

Stay warm and glad you had a good birthday date (saw your FB update). :)
Anonymous said…
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Jude said…
Damn spammers anyway, we're all resorting to word verification one by one..... *sigh*

I hope Grasshopper is 100% now, poor guy. And Happy Belated Birthday to Ellen!

I want to know what birthday gift showed up at the door for her from you Rocker Guy! *grin*

Have a good weekend, and stay warm!
sydwynd said…
Grasshopper is doing much better! I got Ellen a bright orange Pearl Izumi riding jersey to where when we're biking on the trail. She liked it a lot!
Jude said…
Sounds very cool! :-)
Kate said…
Happy birthday to your wife! We went to see Avatar over the weekend and loved it. Our next will probably be Sherlock Holmes...how was it?

Hope your son is feeling better!
sydwynd said…
Jude: It looks great on her!

Kate: Grasshopper is back to "normal". LOOOOOVED Sherlock Holmes. Definately a must see. Great ending.

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