Take Back New York

I am beginning a grassroots campaign with the advent of the coming state elections this year. I'm going to ignore national politics for the time being as there is more impact to our lives in our local and state government than the federal government. Besides, as the Massachusetts showed, the federal government is a huge mess. One thing at a time.

As those of you that live in New York State know, we've got one of the most disfunctional state governments you can imagine. Taxes are near the highest in the nation, budget deals are done by literally 3 people behind closed doors, there's no incentive to reform or take any action that would benefit the average New Yorker. Special interests and public unions run the capital.

Our local paper has been publishing editorials about taking back the local government. What I propose is a totally radical solution that is easy and completely effective. I'll preface by saying I've been a lifelong Democrat. Since I voted in my first election in 1984, I've voted for Democrats in local, state, and federal elections EVERY YEAR. However, I've come to the realization that both political parties are a sham. The Republican party has about 3 issues and if you don't agree with them you're not welcome. Democrats no longer know what they're about other than being against whatever the Republicans are for.

So here's my solutions: this November, vote EVERYONE out of office in Albany. If you're an incumbent, you get fired. I don't care if you're a Democrat or Republican. Vote for the other guy (or gal). I've never been in favor of term limits. We shouldn't need them because they're called elections. However, too many of the faithful voters (such as myself that vote at every election) vote along party lines. That's part of what started the mess. The mess is being perpetuated by a legislature that has no incentive for meaningful reform, whether it be term limits, pay limits, or a constitutional convention to fix the whole mess. If New Yorkers are as angry and fed up with the state government as all the polls indicate, then we need to hire a new bunch of legislators.

However, we can't just vote out everyone and then pat ourselves on the back. That happpened last year in the national election and not much has changed. No, for this revolution to take back our governemtn is to succeed, it's a long term process. In 2 years, when all the people you voted in are up for election again, vote them out. That's right, hire a totally new legislation this year, then fire them all in 2 years. Then two years after that, fire them all again. You want a powerful message? Take back our rights and show our legislators that we've instituted 2 year term limits. And if they don't fix the problem, we'll keep going until we get a group of people running our state government that are actually social servants and not a career politician.

If you're as pissed of as I am at the mess in Albany, spread the word to everyone you know in any way you can. It's time we fire them all. And the only way to do it is ignore the adds, ignore the mailings, ignore the party name, and just vote for the other guy. On any line on the ballot as long as its not the incumbent. We can take back our government if we break the cycle of sending the same people to Albany year after year.


Jude said…
Wow that's radical, and although I'm not one iota politically inclined (nor am I an American) what you said makes sense even to ME! New Yorkers should vote YOU in, Rocker Guy. Maybe you could put some sense back into it all.
sydwynd said…
Jude: If the voters of this state write my name in the ballot and elect me, I'll consider serving. However, as you said, I probably have far too much common sense to be an effective politician.
JJ said…
I think that's an excellent idea and actually would be more productive than federal stuff right now. You've actually given me a good idea.

Now, if I ever get over this crazy sinus infection...*sigh*
sydwynd said…
Jenny: That's the beauty of it. It can work anywhere. Don't like your bums in office? Vote the all out.

Hope you get over the sinus thingie quickly!

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