Enjoy it while you can

The last couple of Sunday's Ellen and I have been able to go on our weekly bike ride. The weather has been sunny and warm (enough anyway) and each of those Sundays we've said "Better get out now, this may be the last weekend we get to go riding." Of course, we've said that for the last three weeks in a row. Of course, this Sunday probably is the last one we'll get to ride on. The odds of 50 degree weather in December is really slim. Hell, we normally don't get this kind of weather on the last weekend of November. But we'll take it. Grasshopper even came out on the ride with us today, which he liked. Ellen said I'm getting like the golf guys. I saw the forcast a couple of days ago and told her flat out "Looks like we can go riding on Sunday!" Any excuse to get out on the bike! In any event, here's a quick picture of the two of us getting ready to ride on our kick ass bikes!


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