Not in the mood

Hey everyone. It's been a while but truthfully I just haven't had anything I've really felt like blogging. Lots going on, but no desire to put it on the web. I did have my annual review at work last week and it didn't go as well as I expected. I could go on a tirade about that but then the hard fought calm I'm trying to establish would be shattered. Suffice it to say it appears I got hung out to dry and now I have to prove myself all over again. Enough said about that.

School's going well. My grades are good so far and if I get decent scores on my final two projects I think I'll get A's in my two courses. We'll see at the end of the semester.

The boys are doing well. We're in a very short lull before craziness starts up again. We just have scouts and music going on right now. Soccer starts up soon enough as well as camping and lord knows what else. There's always something.

This year is the Wife and I's 20th anniversary so I'm already starting to do a little planning. I have some gift ideas and I'm going to see if we can get away perhaps to Niagara Falls for a day trip or something. It would be nice just to get a little quiet time. 20 years has flown by.

Anyway, I'll keep stopping by from time to time so you'll hear from me. Take care.


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