Drive by

Just a quick update during a "lull" in the action. I've turned in my two papers and am caught up with school. However, beginning this weekend, major tests are available that will allow me to earn credits for prior experience and knowledge. They literally take about 12 hours to complete and you have 72 hours from the time you start an exam to turn it in. So every weekend for the next month I'll be doing these tests! Then there's all the OTHER work that needs to be done! My brain is hurting already.

Nothing special happened here for Valentine's Day, but the Wife and I usually don't do anything. We both feel Valentine's Day is a big excuse to sell flowers and candy, neither of which we need. We're not even into getting "romantic" on Valentine's Day. Last time we did, we had a Halloween baby. Kind of cured us of the holiday.

We exchanged cards. I surprised the lady with a new cat to replace the one we lost...a grey Webkinz cat. We like it since its so low maintenance.

Wrestling is done for Maverick with the exception of a couple of tournaments. Grasshopper is crossing over into Boy Scouts on Monday (yikes!) so we're prepping for that. He and Maverick will be in the same troop so it will be MUCH easier for both of us.

There's probably going to be an interesting shakeup at work. My boss took a job in a different department outside of IT so we're waiting to see what the fallout is. No indication whether they'll post for the job (which I can then apply for ;)), eliminate it, or re-org us. I'm in wait and see mode so stay tuned. In the mean time, I just keep on keeping on.

I've been popping in here and there when I can and will continue to do so. Take care kiddies!


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