I haven't written anything in a while so I thought I'd post an update. The CD project is coming along nicely. Last weekend I went into the studio and recorded all the bass tracks. One neat thing to come of it, on Power of Darkness, I recorded one bass track with a lot of fills but wasn't really happy with. I recorded a second track with a straight bass line (didn't delete the first track) and wasn't happy either. Then it hit me, try both together - Perfect! It never occurred to me before to try double tracking a bass. Anyway, more evidence that the Spirit is behind this project (tenatively titled Voice of the Spirit, BTW). I tackle drums next.

I met with some muscians to start up the new group at church. I was disappointed in the turnout. We put an item in the bulliten but no one brought attention to it during announcements at Mass, which is why few people showed up. I was dissapointed a little in the drummer that showed up. He seemed a little to old for the style of music and said he doesn't listen to rock. Not sure I got a good vibe off of him. I set up auditions for Sunday evening as I want to jam with anyone interested to see if it will work out. I can usually tell very quickly if it's happening or not. I'm also trying to conact my old bandmate from Al's Neighbors. We discussed putting together a Christian group just before the band folded.

We did a bunch of Christmas shopping this weekend. Somehow we spent quite a bit of money but my wife seems to think we didn't get anything for anyone. Makes me wonder just what we bought. We also looked for a new sofa. We're redecorating the family room and the upolstry on the sofa is dead. It would cost over $1000 to reupolster it so we're getting a new one instead. Of course, the little lady would like leather and the only one we could find that we like is $2000. Figures. Anyway, I have to look at our decorating budget and see how much it will hurt.

Pretty much everything's in a normal mode right now. Not too much stress, no major things going on. The schedule this week is even light. I'll enjoy it now since I'm sure it won't last.


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