Haven't written anything in a while partly since I haven't felt the need to say anything and partly been too busy at work to write. Oh well, no big thing.

The little lady and I had a stupid fight last night. We took some digital pictures to include in our Christmas cards and I picked up the copies last night. She looks at them and her first response was "I liked the other picture better". I asked her to reveiw the pictures before we selected the final one. I picked what I thought were the best two and asked her opinion, stating I preferred the one we used. Instead of voicing an opinion, she simply said it was fine. I mentioned that she had the option to say she liked the other one better, as I was not committed to one or the other. Of course, then she says that I didn't give her a lot of time to look and that our monitor isn't as nice as the LCD she has at work so it was hard to tell, blah blah blah. She looked at the pictures on the screen for less than one minute. Maybe if she actually bothered to take some time to make a decision, then I might have reacted better. Basically it was my fault for picking the wrong one. Just like stuff's always my fault. I swear there's days where I want to just do nothing since she seems to do everything better than me. Or more correctly, my way isn't as good as her way therefore she should do it because I couldn't possible get it right. The dishes are cleaner when she does them, the laundry comes out better, whatever. Of course, it takes her forever to get her stuff done and she's always stressing and yelling about stuff. If she's gone for the weekend, it's amazing that everything gets done and I'm not all crazy by the end of the weekend.

Being cubmaster for my cub scout pack is starting to wear on me as well. Truthfully, I hate the job and don't want the responsibility. I took the job to prevent the pack from folding without a cubmaster. No one was stepping up. Worst decision I ever made. I just don't care enough to do the job. I have enough other responsibilities without keeping this pack running. I'm tired of the emails, the planning, running the pack meetings, and the personalities involved. I may have to give this up sooner than planned. I'm very tempted to do so. If I can convince one of the assistants to take over, I'll probably drop it. If they can't find a new leader, tough. I hate to leave them in the lurch but I don't want to deal with it anymore. I don't have the time or energy to get invovled in something I don't enjoy. And I defiantely do not enjoy Cub Scouts right now.


Anonymous said…
Just remember that Scouts is all about the boys. I remember those words when I was a Cubmaster and now as a Scoutmaster, every-time I get that same sinking feeling, I look and think of my boy who is totally dedicated to the scouting movement and I suck it in and work with it. Never let your boy know your feelings. Deal with the parents, ask for volunteers, delegate. Take small steps, use the training. Scouts has been around almost 100 years, and they have seen it all. They are there to help, just ask.

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