Week of August 14

This week has been a reminder to stay in the moment and not worry overly much about the future.  It was a week filled with music rehearsals for upcoming Masses and events.  I went into the week a little overwhelmed and feeling that I may have over extended myself.  However, once we actually began a rehearsal, things were much more relaxed and some of the anxiety went away.  It was particularly rewarding to work with Mike and Doug again.  Besides being excellent musicians, they're great people that I don't want to lose touch with.

Rehearsal with the choir was also very rewarding.  It was a mixed group from all the St. Pius musical groups so it was great to work with people I hadn't played with in a while.  Also, working with the choir is far more relaxing as the only expectation is that I play the music.  With no planning needed, it's far less stressful.  Planning music and dealing with issues within the group still is a source of anxiety that makes me wonder how much longer I can do it.  Couple that with trying to work with a rock band and I again wonder if I've over extended myself.

We had a blessing in getting tickets to see the Bills/Giants game in the suite owned by Ellen's employer.  While work intruded into part of the game, just being able to get away and enjoy being there and in the moment was a blessing.  I have a habit of worrying about the future so I need to remember to enjoy what is going on now.

Classes start up again this week.  I'm looking forward to it but the work that will be involved on top of everything else I have going on may make things feel like too much.  This coming week I have something going on every night and it's all music or school related.  However, I still feel relatively at peace.  I'm trying to trust in God and pray each day for faith, peace and trust.

I've been trying to take Fr. Paul's advice concerning prayer.  Along with this journal, I'm trying to spend some prayer time listening instead of going through my list of intentions.  I'm not sure what, if anything, to expect, but I know that insight has come to me in the past when I stop thinking about things too much and just quiet my mind.  It tends to wander where it will and can give me good insight.  I believe that is when the Spirit is speaking to me.


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