End of the Season

I know that summer doesn't "officially" end until September 22 but for all intents and purposes summer is over in our household.  The boys have been participating in marching band camp this week and Christopher has had cross country practice every day this week.  Tonight is the first high school football game of the season.  We're back into "school" mode and that means summer is over.  We have a few days of enjoyment with a long weekend and that's it.  Nicholas starts school on Wednesday and they're both back on Thursday.

Not to say it's been a bad summer.  The weather has been good.  We did a lot of fun things and got a chance to go to Lake Placid.  Boy scout camp was a blast.  We got a lot of riding in.  We completed Christopher's eagle scout project.  Both Ellen and I got a bunch of reading done.  We actually had some weekends that weren't packed with going places.  But damn it went by fast.  Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend.  We have no special plans, which is nice.  I'm going to kick back and do not much of anything (besides ride, of course).  Then the craziness begins.


Jude said…
I know this sounds so damn "cliche" but honestly where DID the summer go??

I'm glad you have the long weekend to get some relaxation in before the school year begins in earnest. Enjoy! :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: Weekend was pretty good. One more day of no school and then the year officially gets started with Nicholas going to freshman orientation. Then on Thursday we're officially in full school mode.

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