A Week in the Adairondaks

Last week was a week I look forward to over the last couple of years: scout camp.  Since my boys joined boy scouts, they've been going to Massawepie Scout Camp the second week of July with their troop.  The first time I went with them was 3 years ago and it's turning into an annual event for me.  What I like best about it is that it truly feels like a vacation.  Cell service is spotty up there so you're really disconnected from the world.  I leave work behind and spend a week in the mountains.  Granted, you're sleeping in a tent (with a cot at least, not on the ground) but overall its really nice.  Additionally, as a leader there's really not a lot I NEED to do.  So this gives me an opportunity to have fun.

This year I spent most of the week riding my mountain bike with the cycling merit badge group.  Very hilly terrain but a LOT of fun.  I got a total of about 95 miles in which is quite a lot.  However, the highlight of the week had to be going on a canoe trek with Christopher.  Since he had only one merit badge class to take, he did a lot of out of camp activities.  On Thursday, a bunch of scouts got some canoes and paddled around the lake and stopped at a bunch of places and swam etc.  It was cool hanging out with him for the day.  I tried doing some activities with Nicholas but every time I suggested we do something, he was more interesting in doing things with his pals.  A little disappointing, but I'm glad he was doing things he enjoyed.

Next year I definately WON'T be bringing my bike as I think I'm done with those trails.  Besides, it will be Christopher's last year going as a scout and he won't need to take any merit badges.  If all works out, he'll be an Eagle Scout by then.  Nicholas will only be doing like one merit badge class so the two of them will probably doing a lot of treks like we did this year.  I'm going to try and convince Ellen to go up with us and spend the week doing out of camp things with my boys.  I think it will be our last opportunity to do something like that with them.  The following year Christopher will be off to college.  Good Lord how time flies.

I'm going to get some pictures up (either here and/or Facebook) as soon as I get a few minutes.  Good time was had by all.


Jude said…
Wait a minute, college in a couple more years for Christopher??? Your boys are growing up so fast!!

It sounds like you had a great time, I hope you can talk Ellen into going next year. I have a feeling (weather co-operating of course) that you will all be glad you went together. :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: They'll BOTH be in high school this year! I'm pretty sure I can get Ellen to go if I get her a hotel or cabin to stay in outside of camp. I don't think I'll get her to sleep in a tent for a week. She needs her AC in the summer.
Jude said…
I can't say that I blame her, I grew up camping in tents and then tent trailers (without AC or heat) and now in my adult years I couldn't do either.
Jammie J. said…
That sounds like an amazing week. Camping is one of the things I'm looking forward to doing with William... can't wait to go to Yosemite with him! :)

Wow. College. Yeah, that would be a persuading factor if you pointed that out to me to go to the mountains with the family. College. How did that happen?
sydwynd said…
Jammie: Camping in Yosemite would be really cool. It's on my "wish list" (for camping AND cycling!). I'm a bit jealous.

It's amazing how quick the kids grow up. It doesn't seem that long ago I was in your situation with a little one. Now I've got a young man on my hands. Enjoy every moment because they go by fast!
Julie said…
They go majorly fast. Somehow Sage is about to start her senior year of high school and Amelia is entering her junior year of college. Even my baby girl, my goddaughter, is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks. How does this happen?
sydwynd said…
Julz: You ain't kidding. Time just flies by in some ways. Think about how long we've known each other. 2004, 2005? Doesn't seem like 7 or 8 years, does it? Enjoy your time with Sage this year.

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