Back in the Saddle Again

So someone reminded me I've been ignoring this blog for a while.  Which I have.  I've been spending more time reading than on the internet.  And perhaps I haven't had much to say.  Or felt like saying.

All that being so, there's much to update on since I last posted.  Where to begin...

We were concerned that Christopher would be going to summer school this year.  He's been on the verge of failing English the entire year.  However, due to some focused effort the last 5 weeks of the year and a killer grade on his final, he indeed PASSED!  By the skin of his teeth, but he made it.  Therefore, he can go to scout camp this summer.  In other news, Christopher is getting close to becoming an Eagle scout.  He has one more merit badge to complete (which he's doing at camp) and his Eagle project, which we're in the process of getting approved.  If all goes well, he should complete all the work by the end of the summer and hopefully achieve Eagle scout by the end of the year!  He also turned 16 this past April which is a major milestone for him.  However, NO LEARNER'S PERMIT.  He already knew he'd have to finish up his Eagle project work before that but he's not pushing us so we're not forcing the issue.  I can wait to have him drive, thank you very much.

Nicholas did very well acedemically and finished 8th grade.  That means, come September, I will have both boys in high school.  It's scary in one way but a relief in another.  At least their music schedules will be in snyc and after school activities won't require so much taxiing by Ellen and I.  Nicholas is still achieving in school and music so for the most part he's our "easy" one.  We're still working on social skills but it will come (hopefully).

Ellen and I are trying to get things accomplished this summer.  My number one priority for her is to get out and ride more.  She rode maybe 3 times last summer.   Already this year I've gotten her out on more rides than all of last year.  She's very amenable and we're working her up to longer distances.  This week we did a 10 mile ride with her niece and nephew.  She wasn't even breathing hard.  I've been riding more as well.  I've started riding to work on Friday's if the weather is good and there's not some overriding reason I need to drive.  It's a 20 mile round trip but so far it's worked out well.  If this keeps up, I may need a dedicated commuter bike next year.  Which would make 3 bikes for me.  We're taking about getting Ellen a road bike to go on faster rides which would make 3 bikes for her.  For a total of 8 bikes in the garage for 4 people.  We're not really into it much.

Beyond that this summer is for getting things done around the yard.  I've ripped out excess landscaping, planted a nice maple tree in the front, got a gazebo for the patio so we get some shade and bug free living in the back yard, and planted sunflowers in front of the electrical transformer in the front yard.  Beautifying efforts continue but our big focus now is to do as much family stuff on weekends as we can.  Since the boys are home during the week, they get most of the housework done to free up our weekends from routine stuff.  With the holiday coming up, we'll be heading to Ellen's niece's place for fun and riding.

So that's it in a nutshell.  I'll try to put some stuff up more often.  There's probably much I could write about, but that requires sitting at a computer and in the evenings I much prefer to read.  But I'll do what I can.


Jude said…
Awww Vince you just made my day, I really did miss your blog posts and they can be a bit more informative than our "shorter" stuff on Facebook.

Almost everyone that used to be on my bloglinks have stopped blogging and just use Facebook. I blog very infrequently now too, and I thought perhaps you may have been thinking of doing the same. Hey I would miss this blog but I can still stay in touch. :-)

Kudos to Christopher for digging deep and making it, that's awesome! Sounds like both boys deserve a nice summer off.

That's a LOT of bikes, but if they're being used then I'd say you're all doing something right. (and healthy!)

Enjoy your riding and your reading Rocker Guy, and thanks for the update! :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: You got it. Right now all of the bikes in the garage do get use. After all, you need the right kind of bike for the right conditions. Gonna get out there as much as I can!
Jude said…
Yes you would be right.... so in reality there are probably even MORE bikes to buy! hahaha

Happy upcoming 4th.!

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