Our trip

We decided pretty last minute to spend April break in Washington DC. We got here Saturday afternoon and are leaving tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Overall we had a good time, though there were some notable not so fun things. Like trying to get into the Library of Congress and Capitol Visitor's Center with a tiny little pocket knife. If we'd have thrown it out, we could have gotten in. Yeah, right. However, we had some very cool times, like going to see the National Cathedral and the National Portrait Gallery. We also decided to bring along a monkey Christopher got at the Air and Space Museum last time we were here to help us chronicle our adventures. Here's some of the good pictures. Now this coming weekend (starting Friday), the boys and I are off to a boy scout campout at park ranger school in the Adirondaks. No rest for the weary!


Jammie J. said…
DC is a great place to while away the time. Most excellent choice. :) Love the pictures.
Jude said…
Wow I can't believe how much your boys have grown! Handsome lads they be. :-)

Great shot of you and Ellen too, please tell her that her shorter "do" looks good on her. I'm glad you all had a nice break Rocker Guy, I'm sure it was much needed and much enjoyed.
Jude said…
Hey Vince! HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday!!!!!!!!
sydwynd said…
Jamie: We had a great time. I just love going there.

Jude: Gave your comment to the lady. Definately needed a break though I now need a vacation from the vacation! And thanks for the birthday wishes!

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