Music is..

We had a retreat of sorts tonight for the music ministers at my church. We're going from 4 Masses down to 3 in June and there are currently 5 different sets of musical groups that either have a Mass or want to do a Mass. Do the math. However, this gathering was about praying and reflecting together with no discussion of what the future will bring.

The highlight of the evening was a discussion about what it means to be a music minister. On the question of what is life giving about being a music minister, someone said "Music is breathing."

Holy cow that hit me. It was something I'd felt in my heart but never articulated into words. It encompasses everything I think about music. You cannot hold music in. If you do, you'll pass out, same as if you held your breath. You also need to breath it in to live. Just like air, it fills you and becomes part of you.

I've always said that I don't play guitar with my hands, I play it with my whole being. I need to put all of my emotions and energy into playing. I breath out music. I've also heard it said and truly beleive as a musician you are what you hear. The way you play is affected by the music you listen to. I breath in music. Just like breathing is needed for you to grow physically, breathing music in and out makes you grow spiritually.

Thanks Bob.


Jude said…
Music is like that for people who love listening to it too. I can imagine it must be even more so for those of you who rock it!

Great post Vince, and I hope it all works out with the number of musical groups you have in the church. Perhaps you could all play to church groups/youth groups in areas other than mass too?
Unknown said…
Beautifully said.
sydwynd said…
Jude: We play at other events as well, but we really want a regular Mass to play. We're hoping for one a month. We should know soon!

Brighton: Thanks!
Kate said…
What a great way to talk about music. I don't play, but I do feel that it's like breathing for me.
sydwynd said…
Kate: Thanks! Music is a very intersting phenomenon. It really is a part of who we are and affects people in so many ways.

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