What's Up?

Just hanging out at karate and I'm caught up with my course work. Well, not REALLY caught up, but I've done everything I can do here. Once I get home I have some review work to do. I just keep going.

Things are going smoothly. I'm actually pretty satisfied with work and home these days. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's about 60 degrees today. Spring has such a nice effect on the psyche. Ellen has begun pilates in an effort to strengthen herself for biking this season. And to stay in shape. I'm looking forward to some quality bike time with her. The trails are still a little snow covered. And we need to get our bikes serviced for the season. Along with the other 10,000 cyclists in the area.

For my techie pals, I'm getting to post this from a MacBook Pro. Since I support external people running Windows and Mac, I convinced my desktop counterpart to part with one of the company machines to assign me. I must say, I could get used to this machine. It's got some nice plusses. However, I could never give up my Windows machines. My home network is fully Windows integrated. But this is nice as a stand alone machine. Definately good graphics.

Beyond that, my life is all work, the wife and kids, and scouts. Not much time for other things but some music and occasional time for me. Christopher has confirmation coming up so we're gearing up for that. The band has a few gigs lined up soon so I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Hope everyone is getting good weather where they're at as well. Take care kiddies.


Jammie J. said…
It's nice when you have a bit of a routine going and things are going smoothly. Definitely savor these times. And enjoy that Mac of yours.

Jude said…
Life is good! :-) I'll bet you and Ellen are itching to get out on your bikes. It won't be long now and the trails will be clear for you, actually it feels like this winter went by fairly quickly. We've lost most of our snow up here and hopefully we won't get any more.

How much longer is your course ongoing Vince? Good luck with that, and have a rockin' week!
sydwynd said…
Jamie: The Mac's not really "mine", but as long as my employer let's me use it it is!

Jude: Itching indeed! Their in the shop right now for tune ups. I've got 5 more weeks for this semester then I'll be taking a summer semester course (which actually goes from April to June), then the real summer off before starting all over again in September!

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