It's getting better all the time

What a roller coaster ride I've been on! As early as last Friday, I was ready to give up on the whole MBA. Good thing I've got a great spouce that can talk me off the edge. Or at least, listen long enough to let me talk myself off the edge. I'm feeling much better now that I've got a lot of the work for this module done. I've got one major case study complete (at least 1st draft) and am doing the background work for the second. The instructor FINALLY announced the working groups so I'm pinging my classmates to know who I'm working with. It's due end of next week but at least I've put together a lot of data and can start to see it coallescing into an answer. I got the first grade back on one of my assignments and got a 100! Perhaps I'm just overachieving with this MBA but dammit I want to do well!

Things at work have been crazy. Again, I had to be talked off the edge as the load of running two team that both need 110% of my time nearly crushed me. I had to call my new boss one day and tell him I was near the burnout point. Today he let me know we're very close to getting the posting up to hire a dedicated supervisor for the one team and that once I transition those duties, I won't be involved with that team at all. YAY!!!!! Beyond that, there's the usual issues but I'm coping pretty well.

My bike hasn't shown up yet. Or, rather, I should say that FedEx attempted to deliver my bike today at 9:41 in the morning when no one was home. Since it requires a signature, they didn't leave it. I called FedEx to arrange for pickup and had to explain what I wanted to the rep a couple of times. She kept telling me that they would try to deliver it again tomorrow. When I asked what would happen if I wasn't home, and they said they'd try to deliver it the next day. So instead of playing this game of tag, I wanted just to pick it up myself. When I stated this, the rep said that they would try and deliver it again tomorrow. I came very close to getting upset with this person, and perhaps did get a little snippy, but when I explained that I wanted to AVOID all of this unnecessary "trying to deliver it" she finally said she'd put in a request for pickup and I could call tomorrow morning to verify it was at the local facility. So I'll have my new toy very soon.

I'm currently travelling back from Schenectady by train and looking forward to getting home. I get to be pretty productive but I'm getting tired of looking at my computer screen. It's time to rest my brain a little as it's been working pretty hard lately. On a side note, BOTH the boys made the middle school jazz band! Grasshopper auditioned as a trombone player. Mind you, he plays the baritone, which isn't "allowed" in jazz band (don't get me started). So over the summer I borrowed a trombone from a band mate, his summer lesson instructor showed him the positions, and he practiced on his own to get good enough to make the jazz band as a sixth grader! How's THAT for a talented little musician! Mom and Dad are very proud of him.

Until next time peoples! As my one professor told me, "Stay human!"


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